Steel Krazy

“After All these Years”

“If you can Imagine it…. We can Build it

Steel Krazy was founded on the principle that ANYTHING is possible.

I have not yet built a rocket only for lack of funding. I want to build a working submarine one day just because I can. My main Mantras are…. “ It looks really cool in my head.” and “I can build that.”

Rich Roberts… (Head cook and bottle washer)

Quality, Imagination, Determination and Pride in what we do are our core values.

Have you ever bought something and realized when you got it home that the back was unfinished? Like the person who made it figured.. ”Its against the wall so no one will see it.” We want you to be happy with your Backside as well as your Face.

(Pun Intended)

That is our Policy, our Pledge and our Promise.

Giving our customers value is important to us.

We are often told that our pricing is “Reasonable.” This as a great compliment. We work hard for our money and understand that our customers do as well. The way we keep our prices reasonable is that we use every piece of steel in our shop until there is almost nothing left. Nothing goes to waste. If we could melt down the recyclables and make castings…


. Our products are designed to Last… Not designed to Break.

Since the 50s there has been a movement away from quality and longevity and towards the thinking of engineered obsolescence. It is Built to break. Our thinking is a bit different. We want our product to pass down to your Children’s, children’s children. You may need a new coat of paint but there are some things out of our control.



Mean something again.